Meeting the Matrix Specialists

As an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner you may have found yourself wondering how you are going to deal with specific issues you have never experienced before.

Or maybe you are trying to find your niche and not sure who your ideal client will be.

Now you have these wonderful Matrix tools in your toolbox would you like to dive deeper and learn from those who have already found their specialty?

Join Sharon King, Author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life, Karl Dawson the creator of Matrix Reimprinting and a host of other Matrix Reimprinting Trainers, specialist Practitioners for over 30 webinars.

Please note that this is a further educational program for EFT & MR practitioners and not suitable for non practitioners due to some of the content being covered.

I’ve just listened to another of the Meet the Matrix Specialist webinars that I had missed and I wanted to tell you how fantastic I think this series is, so much more than I thought I was signing up for.

Each speaker is an expert in their own field as well as an EFT/Matrix practitioner so not only am I learning huge amounts by listening to their specialisms I am also getting a unique insight into how other practitioners work and use these modalities. The webinars are also full of helpful tips and tools to help not only us as practitioners both personally and professionally but also to enhance our work with clients.

Listening to these webinars is helping my feel more confident about my own practice and clearer about what I can and cannot work with and what to do when these sorts of issues come up. Some I will now feel better equipped to deal with and others I now know who to refer to. Altogether and excellent series, well worth every penny, thank you.


Here is a list of webinars included.  Keep scrolling for more information about each.

  • Beliefs & Core Beliefs & Other Practitioners Questions - Karl Dawson
  • Create the Future You Wish to Create - Susie Shelmerdine
  • Dealing with Sexual Abuse in Men and Women - Louise Burford
  • Trauma & PTSD - Dr Linda Thomas
  • Dealing with OCD - Cheryl White
  • The Power of Working with Children - Suzanne Skeete
  • Why Problems Show Up Again and Again - Rob Nelson
  • Using Colour in the Matrix - Sharon King
  • Autism and EFT - Andrea Pusey
  • ACE & Baby ACE's Exploring Early Adverse Childhood Experiences - Sharon King
  • Grief: A New Perspective - Janice Thompson
  • Fall in Love With Presenting Step 1 - Bennie Naude
  • Healing Your Relationships Within The Matrix - Wendy Fry
  • Is Being Abandoned at Birth an Emotional Life Sentence? - Denny Ellis
  • Field Tested Options of What You Can and Can’t Change - Karin Davidson
  • Sexual Healing Through EFT & MR - Alina Frank
  • Working with Extreme Phobias - Cheryl White
  • Forgiving the Unforgivable - Cheryl White
  • Creating Your Vocation/Life Work As Your Healing Journey - Dr Craig Weiner
  • Let's Talk About Anxiety - Sharon King
  • To Niche or not To Niche? - Susie Shelmerdine
  • Turn Client Homework into Homeplay - Susie Shelmerdine
  • Working with Bullying - Caroline Dawson
  • Confronting Perpetrators in the Matrix - Rob Nelson
  • Sally Ann - Basic Human Needs - Sally-Ann Soulsby
  • Understanding Bipolar - Jenni Tribe
  • Playing With Serious Disease - Penny Croal
  • The Many Faces of Addiction - Vera Malbaski
  • Charge Your Creativity in the Matrix - Kate Marillat
  • Working With the Teenage Brain - Benita Scott
  • 12 years and thousands of sessions later what have I learned? - Ted Wilmont
  • Needs Vs Values - Sharon King

Webinar Investment £99 (with 2-pay option)

£10 for each program will be given to Tappy Twins

These webinars are so informative Sharon. For me, seeing how practitioners at the top level approach sessions and share their experiences will help so many people, including myself, and help keep the client and practitioner safe during the process. Terrific series.

Nigel Colmer

Karl Dawson - Discover The Importance Of Your One Core Belief & Your Practitioner Questions Answered

  • Exploring how our beliefs and our one core belief affect our lives
  • How to find your one core belief
  • Why is understanding your one core belief so life changing
  • The 5 Gateways of transformation
  • 7 different ways of keeping client safe
  • Dealing with long term physical mental neglect abuse from parent – critical parent
  • Where to start with big ‘T” trauma
  • Gatekeeper Echo’s
  • Working long term with clients
  • Accessing those burying memories
  • Dealing with non communicating Echo’s
  • What can we change in the Matrix?
  • The importance of self work / Personal Procedure
  • How to stop being overwhelmed and picking up clients emotions
  • The Echo Spectrum – including Bipolar and Multiple personalities
  • What is a guiding star
  • What does it mean if my client gets worse instead of better after a session?
  • Matrix Future Reimprinting

Karl Dawson is one of only 28 EFT Founding Masters Worldwide. He is also the creator of the evolutionary new EFT technique Matrix Reimprinting and co-author of the Hay House books 'Matrix Reimprinting using EFT', with Sasha Allenby and Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Beliefs, with Kate Marillat. Karl is an International trainer of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

Susie Shelmerdine - Realise Your Dreams - Imprint The Future You Wish To Create

  • Discover through this webinar how you can help your clients achieve their dreams and goals.
  • How understanding your clients dreams will help you in your sessions
  • How you make the tapping process fun
  • Learn a technique that will 'supercharge' manifesting and actualisation of their dreams and goals.

Susie Shelmerdine is one of the few Matrix Reimprinting Trainers in the world and the creator of Realise Your Dreams using EFT & Matrix Reimprinting. Susie's client work and exclusive exercises have been featured in several books on Matrix Reimprinting, which were published by Hay House. Susie's passion is to inspire and empower people into a life of joyful discovery and adventure through workshops and online programs. Susie's book 'Your EFT Business, The Essential Guide to Creating The Practice of Your Dreams' helps practitioners develop and manifest the EFT business they heartily desire. The book is now available and accompanied with an online

Louise Burford - Dealing with Sexual Abuse in Men and Women

  • Basic counselling skills when dealing with trauma and sexual abuse.
  • Things to look out for when starting and conducting a session.
  • Possible complications of Complex Trauma. (Cluster B disorders, CPTSD and PTSD)
  • Holding a safe space for trauma survivors.
  • Avoiding vicarious traumatisation for the practitioner.

Louise Burford is a Harley Street practitioner specialising in helping clients clear trauma and limiting beliefs, and embrace their potential to live a confident, fulfilling life. Using a combination of traditional and energy therapies (including Matrix Re-imprinting, EFT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Integrative Counselling skills), provides a 360 degree healing modality which, when working in harmony with the client, enables them to be liberated from the past and find an empowering freedom to enjoy an abundant future.

Dr. Linda Thomas - Trauma and PTSD

  • What happens to us in acute trauma and why. Key things to do and not to do.
  • The long term consequences including PTSD.
  • A brief awareness of current treatments available on the NHS.
  • Why I love Matrix Reimprinting for PTSD.

Dr Linda Thomas has a passion for helping people with serious psychological trauma such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) having recovered completely herself with just 2 sessions of Matrix Reimprinting nearly 10 years ago. Dr Thomas has a background of 20 years in Medicine, which she has just left and now shares her working time between Matrix Reimprinting, Eco Fashion Designing and Teaching medical students. She has a love of People and Planet that drives everything she does.

Cheryl White - Dealing with OCD

  • OCD - the anxiety sandwich and why OCD people get OCD about it
  • What the mainstream believes
  • What your client believes and where to start
  • Honouring client creativity to negate anger/shame (don’t go where you don’t belong)
  • Replacing the safety nets: power to choose as ‘power practice’.

Cheryl White is a dynamic, creative, and cheerfully unassuming authority on EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, and since 2011 the instigator and hub of professional mentoring, support and networking services for the EFTMR community. Her light-hearted and practical 2015 book on surviving the immediate transition from training graduate to service provider (So Now I’m a Practitioner? Help!) resulted from assisting hundreds of new trainees through the same first steps.

Webinar Investment £99 (with 2-pay option)

Suzanne Skeet - The Power of Working With Children

  • The effectiveness of EFT and Matrix when working with children
  • How to help get more effective results
  • Rapport Building
  • Protecting Yourself

Suzanne Skeete is known for her infectious enthusiasm, energy and ability to help others to be exactly whom and what they want to be. Through Tappy Twins, over the years, Suzanne has worked with a huge range of clients, from entrepreneurs to primary school children. Now she dedicates all of her time working within Schools and Colleges; whilst tirelessly developing Tappy Twins to ensure that the young people that need support nationally get just that.

Rob Nelson - Why Problems Show Up Again and Again: Understanding Re-enactment

  • Where the work of Dr. Scaer and Rupert Sheldrake comes together
  • How Nature’s Freeze Discharge program works Against us
  • When our experience of Threat is embedded in social situations
  • The role of repetition in creating strong morphic fields
  • A simple Magic Trick for finding the genesis of re-enactment

Rob Nelson is Director of Tapping the Matrix Academy, an artisan program for EFT training and certification. Rob holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology (1983) and became an EFT practitioner in March 2008. Rob is certified by Gary Craig, the AAMET (level 3), EFT Universe (expert level) and Matrix Reimprinting. Rob is one of the four Matrix Reimprinting trainers in North America. He offers private sessions worldwide by Skype or in his Santa Rosa office, specializing in anxiety, sexual trauma, divorce recovery and weight loss.

Sharon King - Using Colour in the Matrix

  • What does Colour mean?
  • Specifics of working with Colour in sessions
  • How to use Colour for creating safety
  • Colour in Action - Session demonstration

Sharon King has worked for a number of years specialising in the birth experience, and how it affects our emotional health during our childhood and adult life. She went on to develop the Matrix Birth Reimprinting protocols which became a foundational cornerstone in Matrix Reimprinting and currently trains other practitioners worldwide. Sharon leads the field in this area, and her techniques are published in the book Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, which is was released by publishing giants Hay House in August 2010 and she has published her first book Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life in Sept 2015.

Andrea Pusey - Autism and EFT

Evidence suggests that at least 1 in 100 people can be considered autistic, so if you work with people, the chances are that you either will or have already worked with someone who has autism or who has been affected by it like a parent, carer or partner. Autism is a spectrum condition and includes Asperger. All people with autism have certain difficulties but it does affect people in different ways. Symptoms can range from the classic ‘Kanner’ diagnosis (think of Dustin Hoffman’s character in the movie Rain man) to symptoms so mild they can pass virtually unnoticed. Autism affects how a person is able to communicate with or relates to other people and how they make sense of the world around them. In her talk Andrea will highlight some of the challenges she has faced working with autistic clients and share practical tips and techniques: - if a client struggles with the physical sensations of tapping - is unable to identify or describe their emotions - how to build rapport without any eye contact - the importance of specificity of language


Andrea Pusey is a qualified Level 3 EFT practitioner and EFT Trainer. Through personal experience and voluntary work with the National Autistic Society, Andrea has gained insight into the slight adjustments she can make in her sessions to meet the specific needs of her autistic clients. Through the results achieved, Andrea attracted the attention of the National Autistic Society who now regularly refer clients to her.

Janice Thompson - Grief: A New Perspective

Everyone experiences loss and grief at some point in their lives and historically it is not dealt with very well at all. This webinar aims to readdress this. We will specifically be looking at three issues: pain, suffering and letting go. Each of which are major aspects of loss and ones not always fully understood or dealt with. I will be discussing each one and suggesting ways in which you can help your clients deal with these aspects of their loss/ losses. We will look at the interconnection between them and the implications and impact they can have on clients health and well-being. I have two masters degrees, one in Exercise Physiology and one in Research Psychology both of which have helped me immensely throughout my career in helping people with their grieving experiences. I am a practitioner and trainer in several energy techniques seeing private clients and running courses on a regular basis specialising in working with grief. Having worked with hundreds of clients, been through my own losses and having spent time researching this area in-depth I now run courses throughout the world for practitioners as well as those struggling with loss. My Joy Beyond Grief courses include energy techniques such as Matrix Reimprinting, Advanced Clearing Energetics and many more exercises and techniques to help practitioners/ clients to fully understand all aspects of the grieving experience.

Sharon King - ACE & Baby ACE's Exploring Early Adverse Childhood Experiences

  • What are ACE's and why are they important to us as practitioners
  • The importance for the client in understanding their own ACE score
  • New Baby ACE's and how these effect our lives


Bennie Naude - Fall in Love with Presenting (Step 1)

Many speakers and trainer miss the most important aspect of an effective and engaging presentation. In this webinar you’ll learn the one simple thing that you can implement immediately that’ll make your next presentation a lot easier, more fun, interesting and vibrant – not to mention more enjoyable for your audience. (In fact, it’s so simple that afterwards you’ll ask yourself why you’d not thought of it yourself and kick yourself that you haven’t!)

Bennie Naude is an International Energy Psychology speaker and master trainer. Prolific creator of various on-line products and programmes, including Manifest More Magic. Workshops and retreats, including The Gathering


Wendy Fry - Healing Your Relationships Within The Matrix

  • How we form our earliest relationship beliefs
  • The meaning we place on our childhood experiences about who we are and how lovable we deem ourselves to be
  • Embracing the hurt places within for the intention of healing
  • Making your past work for you
  • Saying yes to you

Wendy Fry first became interested in emotional health and wellbeing after overcoming many challenges in her personal life. Through exploring her past, changing her limiting beliefs and working through her own demons, Wendy has gone on to train extensively to support you in transforming your relationships using The Spotlight Process and a range of holistic techniques to set you free from the past helping you to live your life on purpose.

Special Bonus

Receive your Free pdf copy of Find You, Find Love: Get to the heart of love and relationships using EFT by Wendy Fry when you register

Denny Ellis - Adoption: Is Being Abandoned at Birth an Emotional Life Sentence?

  • In what context is the word abandoned used in the title?
  • What is adoption from the view point of an adoptee?
  • What are the complex issues that can arise from being adopted / fostered / incubated?
  • What is a belief bomb? Making sense of an adoptees belief bomb? Discuss PTSD at birth.
  • 'Energy Psychology' - Is it possible to walk through the hidden tunnel of adoption, into the light of life?


Due to a rather dramatic start in life as an emergency CC, 7 weeks premature, incubated and then adopted Denny Ellis understands first hand the complex issues bought on by early separation from a mother at birth. Following a very troubled childhood she found and trained in Kundalini Yoga, Reiki and Shiatsu in the 90’s which helped her emotionally while finding her birth mother! But Denny’s personal transformation truly came about when she finally found Energy Psychologies. As an Energy Psychologist she blends EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Colour Mirrors and Reiki together to assist in transforming abandonment trauma.

Karin Davidson - Field Tested Options of What You Can and Can’t Change in the Matrix

  • Is it OK to change history?
  • Understanding how the mental principal of Denial can harm you or your clients
  • When and how it’s OK to change history
  • Truth vs Imagination and the Impact
  • How to handle you and your clients’ ECHOs’ demands


Karin Davidson is an International Trainer for EFT Tapping, a Certified Matrix Reimprinting Trainer and Advanced Clearing Energetics Trainer, Co-author of the three EFT Level coursebooks, a Reiki Master, a Certified Hypnotist, and creator of Prenatal Reimprinting. Whenever she is not training, Karin has a full-time private practice balancing emotional set-backs, clearing painful memories, and unblocking her clients’ paths to fulfill their highest potential. She has been learning, practicing and teaching these methods for over 35 years. Karin has created over 200 training DVDs in various Energy Practices and is part of the Israeli Trauma Center, the Vet Stress Project and War on Stress.

Alina Frank - Sexual Healing Through EFT & MR

Alina will discuss sexual healing through EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and how this particular set of injuries, once healed, can be the greatest source of joy, creativity and abundance.

  • Why do we need to learn about sexual injury as practitioners?
  • How is this different than other types of big T trauma?
  • How I got involved in this particular area of specialization?
  • How can we work with buried memories?


Alina Frank is an EFT master trainer and one of 4 US Matrix Reimprinting trainers. Alina is the best selling author of How to Want Sex Again and contributing author of 6 energy psychology books. Alina’s work in the last few years has been on healing sexual injury as a way to embody success in every area of a woman’s life.

Cheryl White - Working with Extreme Phobias

  • Debilitating single-focus phobias - complex or simple?
  • Extreme phobia - extreme reaction. Signs to watch out for
  • What your client believes - the map is not the territory
  • Tailoring your approach - confidence is key
  • Allowing and Testing

Cheryl White is a dynamic, creative, and cheerfully unassuming authority on EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, and since 2011 the instigator and hub of professional mentoring, support and networking services for the EFTMR community. Her light-hearted and practical 2015 book on surviving the immediate transition from training graduate to service provider (So Now I’m a Practitioner? Help!) resulted from assisting hundreds of new trainees through the same first steps.

Craig Weiner -Creating Your Vocation/Life Work As Your Healing Journey

  • Why we choose the vocations or careers we find ourselves in? Conscious and Unconscious Choices
  • Observing the Good; Inspired by the observation of others
  • Experiencing the Bad; decisions made as a result of what we endured
  • Affected by the Ugly; Motivated by the witnessing of others’ suffering
  • The Passive Path of Least Resistance
  • Discussion and examples of how early life experiences and the beliefs we create in childhood inform our career choices.

As an international trainer in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and Trauma work, I travel and train with my wife Alina, supporting practitioners and licensed health care practitioners to obtain their certifications for EFT Universe, AAMET and Matrix Reimprinting International. You can find lots of information about our training on this website.

Cheryl White - Forgiving the Unforgivable

  • Forgiving the unforgivable - I will not, I cannot or I must not?
  • Spiritual muscle
  • Looking for similarities to PTSD
  • Honouring the grieving process
  • Taking it slow to avoid massive resolution

Cheryl White is a dynamic, creative, and cheerfully unassuming authority on EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, and since 2011 the instigator and hub of professional mentoring, support and networking services for the EFTMR community. Her light-hearted and practical 2015 book on surviving the immediate transition from training graduate to service provider (So Now I’m a Practitioner? Help!) resulted from assisting hundreds of new trainees through the same first steps.

Sharon King - Let's Talk About Anxiety

Did you know that all of our body systems development, such as our immune, digestive, circulatory, immune and respiratory systems, are influenced by our in utero and birth experience and are controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System? We will be covering

  • What is Anxiety
  • Symptoms of PTSD
  • Case Study “Anna”
  • Dissociation
  • Autonomic Nervous system
  • Conception
  • In Utero
  • After Birth
  • Demonstration

Susie Shelmerdine - To Niche or not To Niche?

Sharon King is joined by Susie Shelmerdine, Author and Creator of Your EFT Business, who will be discussing the topic of creating your niche.

So many practitioners struggle In their early days in finding or creating their niche. Susie will give us insights in to what a niche actually is and the many ways we may find our niche, or how our niche may find us.

We will also be covering:

  • What niching actually means for you your business
  • How you can 'niche' whilst still remaining a practitioner working with a variety of issues
  • How 'niching' can help you attract the clients you desire

Caroline Dawson - Working with Bullying

  • Who can present with it?
  • Why might some one have this disorder?
  • What are the indicators?
  • Why can it be so damaging to someone who has been the 'target' of this behavior

*Strategies for using MR with someone who has gone through domestic violence , bullying or had to deal with someone with NPD *Number 1 strategy to deal with a person in a persons life currently with NPD.

Caroline Dawson is the resident Matrix Reimprinting Trainer in Australia. After 30 years of nursing, she decided that, giving out many drugs to elderly patients in particular, was not congruent with her work with clients using EFT and MR to facilitate permanent healing, not just a band aid.. So she resigned 5 years ago from nursing and has never looked back. In fact it was MR that helped to propel her into entrepreneurship. She also continues to work with clients, in order to learn and expand her knowledge of how MR can be used and is a Meta Health Practitioner. She now runs a Wellness Sanctuary, with plans to have many more, to help people heal their mind, body and spirit. Due to her own journey,her area of expertise is working with clients who have gone through any form of abuse, including bullying and in particular domestic violence. Caroline is also involved in facilitating the very successful 3 day retreats with the Australian 'Life 2 Project', that have a heavy focus on EFT and MR as the core healing modality. Website:

Susie Shelmerdine - Turn Client Homework into Homeplay - Empower your clients in-between sessions

  • Discover how client 'homework' can benefit your clients and your business
  • Discover easy ways to create fun home play for your clients
  • How by setting home play benefits you as a practitioner

Rob Nelson - Confronting Perpetrators in the Matrix

  • Working with other people in the Matrix is often crucial
  • Sometimes that borders on confrontation
  • Beyond the immediate trauma - repairing the family field
  • Learn simple tools and re-frames for handling difficult “others”

Sally-Ann Soulsby- Basic Human Needs

  • What are the Basic Human Needs (Human Givens)?
  • How can we identify if these needs are being met?
  • Repercussions if our Human needs are not met
  • Applications to our client work
  • Using EFT and Matrix Re imprinting to clear blocks to getting these needs met.

Sally-Ann Soulsby is a Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor in private practice.  She is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and has been pioneering the integration of EFT and Matrix Re imprinting into mainstream therapy for the past 5 years. In addition to her therapy work, she has regularly taught on professional Therapist training courses at Brighton University as well as running personal and professional development workshops and retreats within the UK and USA.  Her passion is creating safe space so we can grow and reach our full potential.  She lives and loves what she teaches!

Jenni Tribe - Understanding Bipolar – How Having a Parent With Bipolar Effects our Development

In this talk Jenni talks about her journey to freedom and the revelation finding that a recurring dream and nightmare regarding a traumatic experience aged 18 months old, that was casually disregarded by so many, was in fact the start of a release and transformation of her whole well being and subsequent happiness with herself and her life.

  • Learn of the benefits that Matrix & Birth Reimprinting can bring when getting to the core beliefs sustained during an event most people may not acknowledge as traumatic
  • Feel empowered to help others with a history of mental health issues with a deeper insight into their first hand experience
  • Learn about the various types of Bipolar ( Bipolar Affective Disorder) and how mood swings vary from highs and lows
  • Recognise that there is a place for medical intervention when safety is a concern of the client's wellbeing
Jenni Tribe is affectionately called 'The Trauma Transformer' by those whom she has helped transform their previous self limiting beliefs and subsequent frustration and inability to live a life of passion and purpose.
As a former Nurse and Midwife in what feels a previous life, now, Jenni teaches Maternity Reflexology and works with clients using Matrix and Birth Reimprinting using EFT.

Penny Croal - Playing With Serious Disease

  • What does Serious Disease mean?
  • Specifics of working with Health
  • Soul singing work
  • Outcome for whom?

What is the purpose for you as a practitioner to become specific when working with serious dis-ease. Benefits for both practitioner and client and the joy of the journey.

Penny Croal is a multi-disciplined practitioner and trainer of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Meta Health. Penny passionately believes in the mind-body connection. Her own journey and her work with clients has led her to the conclusion that “we are what we believe and our health, along with the choices we make in life, correspond to our deeply held beliefs".

Kate Marillat - Super-Charge Your Creativity in the Matrix

  • Why you are already a writer & Why you must write
  • Distraction meets Discipline - The 3 steps to becoming a proficient writer
  • Go deeper and learn how to uncover the beliefs holding your writing back
  • Dare to dream big, attract the success you deserve

Kate Marillat is a campaigner for creativity and emotional wellbeing. She empowers people to transform their lives by making these two elements a priority. In 2014, Kate co-authored the Hay House best-seller, Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life with EFT Master, Karl Dawson, which received accolades from luminaries as Bruce Lipton PhD, Robert Holden PhD, and New York Times Best-Selling authors, Lynne McTaggart, Jessica Ortner and Sonia Choquette. She facilitates community healing programmes, dynamic online courses and works on a deeply compassionate level with her clients.

Benita Scott - Working With the Teenage Brain - A Multi Focal Approach

  • Cultural Landscape; history, cultural differences and current mental health statistics. Case Study no1
  • Psycho-social factors; The pressure of being a teen in the 21st Biological impact of puberty on the brain.
  • Nutritional Problems, it’s impact, how to remedy and how they work,
  • Other methods for tool kit. EFT/Matrix and Heartmath.
  • Any questions discussion

Benita Scott is an Experimental Psychologist with over fifteen years of counselling experience and a diploma in mental health and nutrition. She is also an EFT/Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. Benita’s areas of expertise are trauma, terminal illness, managing anxiety and depression.  Using real life case studies of teenagers who visited her practice in Hove Sussex, she has developed a series of successful scientifically based protocols which help support adolescents and their families through extremely difficult times. Nutritional needs and imbalances are addressed and together with therapy quick and long lasting results can be achieved. Website:

Vera Malbaski - The Many Faces of Addictions

This talk will cover many of the aspects to bear in mind when working with people suffering from addictions. The initial cause; when it started - what triggered the behaviour

  • The Implicit Emotion - how it feels to be addicted
  • The need to Belong - loyalty to family and ‘tribe’
  • Society’s views on addicts and how these can make healing more difficult
  • Creating a Future free of the addiction

Vera Malbaski is a certified Advanced EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Trainer. Born and educated in the UK of a Spanish mother, she is both bi-lingual and bi-cultural with a profound understanding of both languages and cultures. She is a Founding Member of the Asociación Hispana de EFT (AHEFT) and played an important role creating a certification programme for Spanish-speaking practitioners. For over 10 years Vera has helped clients deal with a wide range of issues, and in particular, those struggling with addictions. As well as attending clients in both English and Spanish in person and via skype, Vera travels extensively throughout Spain and Latin American countries teaching EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

Ted Wilmont - So nearly 12 years and thousands of sessions later what have I learned?

  • "Getting yourself out of the way" What that really means and how it affects the work we do - (letting go of attachment to outcome, judging what a client may or may not have got from the session)
  • Be aware that it sometimes takes many sessions and persistent repetitive work going back to echo memories many times - persistent patterns often require persistent work
  • The power of "I" which makes Karl’s looking for the beliefs, so powerfully important
  • The more things change the more they can remain the same if we do not change them. We like to think we have evolved and have modern fears yet the route of all our fears are still the fear of separation / being cast out / not a part of / not loved / accepted. Primal fears retriggered at birth and anticipated at death and every day in between
  • Greatest personal learning confirmed over and over (especially when doubt and ego creep back in) when I use MR with others and myself that everything is connected
  • Awareness is all about waking up to our minds and beliefs that limit us
  • The cause of all our unhappiness are the negative we beliefs we hold in our mind. Beliefs so deep and widespread that we do not even question them.
  • In particular the one belief
  • Recently (and still learning) is that what I have already learned is worth sharing and helping other to wake up. Otherwise how will we ever change the primal fears and limiting beliefs of mankind. IT does matter!!!

Ted Wilmont is a Matrix Reimprinting master practitioner and trainer of 12 years’ experience. In addition to teaching EFT internationally, Ted has worked with thousands of clients across the world. In addition to training practitioners Ted has developed his own Life Beyond Fear workshops, which evolved from his own experiences and learnings from working with his clients. Ted also offers mentoring services for both new trainees and practitioners wishing to deepen their knowledge and skill using the techniques.

Visit for more information about Ted’s practice, short video clips, as well as many more comments both from clients and trainees.

Sharon King - Needs Vs Values

We all have fundamental values in our lives, those rules that we unconsciously live by such as love, honesty, freedom, authenticity, trust etc, but have you ever wondered if they are truly something we value or are something we actually need more of?

One of my core values is freedom and I was shocked to discover that there was a lack freedom in my life, so this was actually turned out to be a ‘need’ to have more freedom. The energy of need is very different to something we value and actually have in our life. As the ‘Law of Attraction’ says when we come from the vibration of need we are coming from a place of lack, I lack money, I lack love, freedom, honesty, creativity etc so this is what shows up, more lack of the very thing we hold most dear to us.

Let us together discover your own core values and check to make sure that this is what you actually have in your life and if not then explore why not. During this webinar you will hear me working with Susie Shelmerdine helping her to find her core values and turning one of her needs into a core value.

Webinar Investment £99 (with 2-pay option)

£10 for each sale will be donated to a charity Matrix Reimprinting supports


  • Each live webinar is approximately 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour 

  • You will have lifetime access to the Membership site to review these recordings 

  • There is a dedicated Facebook group page where you can ask your questions direct to the presenters.