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Sharon King presenting on Matrix Birth Reimprintng; Are you aware that many feelings can relate back to subconscious memories such as a difficult birth experience or trauma in the womb? Sharon will be discussing how beliefs can be formed in utero and at birth, and how to use Matrix Birth Reimprinting to clear our birthing trauma’s to create more empowering experiences for ourselves and our children. Sharon is the creator of Matrix Birth Reimprinting technique & an MR trainer in the UK

Capture"This weekends Chi Time replay stars the bright & shining Sharon King! The hugely talented transformational therapist and pioneer of Matrix Birth Reimprinting came over to the New Forest for a chat about the release of her deeply researched and superbly readable new book Heal your Birth, Heal your Life. Sharon tells us how she came to birth this book and the technique she uncovered whilst practising the powerful Matrix Reimprinting technique with Karl Dawson. Quickly realising she was onto something incredibly potent, she focussed on developing and researching around the trauma of birth for not only expectant mothers but also on how ones own birth can affect your life, and how you can transform that initial patterning. Fascinatingly acute in her observations and pinning down the pertinent places to shine light on, Sharon's technique has been helping thousands of people worldwide, so it is with great pleasure and honour that I welcome her to Chi Time and share her life-changing information with you." ~Clara Apollo

ksMatrix Birth Reimprinting How we come into the world really matters. Yet in the west we have lost touch with one of our most important rituals – the ritual of birth, according to practitioner, Sharon King  Download Sharon's article below

  • Sharon King - Kindred Spirit - Sep/Oct 2015 ed

Matrix Birth Reimprinting w/ Sharon King as interviewed by Gene Monterastelli
August 12, 2015

Even though we don’t consciously remember coming into this world, we are fully conscious in utero and at the time of our birth. Because we are conscious, these experiences contribute to how we build models of the world that impact the way we live our daily lives.

In this interview Sharon King shares how Matrix Reimprinting (a tool set that uses tapping) can be used to help clear these unconscious memories.

You may download this audio by right/ctrl clicking here.

Capture Matrix Birth Reimprinting with Sharon King – It Can Change Your Life! If you can heal your birth, it’s possible that you can heal your life! Matrix Reimprinting expert Sharon King from the UK will walk you through this incredible technique that she developed. How we come into the world really matters, and it even matters what was going on in our parents’ lives from the time of conception to birth. If you were an unwanted pregnancy, or were given up for adoption, or you witnessed domestic violence in utero, that can still be impacting you today.

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